Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wheel of Time Saga

Okay so this series (Wheel of Time Saga)  has taken forever to read.  "Why?" you might be wondering.  Well I started getting into this series when I was 16.  I'm 31 now.  I read all of them but every time I thought that I had finally finished Robert Jordan would release another one.  Now that he has passed away, there is someone else finishing up the series.  I absolutely love this series even with having to wait forever before the next one was released.  I fell in love with all of the vivid characters.  I was pulled into each side story of each character.  Now while I'm raving about how wonderful it is, there are some downsides to it.  Robert Jordan had a tendency to fill in space at times or really go into detail on everything, "I mean everything", clothes, weapons, fighting styles, facial features, how people walked even.  Now it's great that he does do this on one hand (it does paint the perfect picture of what he's trying to relate to you), but completely stinks on the other hand (takes forever).  This isn't one of those books (at least with me) where you can whip it out and just start reading. There can not be any distractions going on in the background,well not during the boring parts.  While I'm reading the parts that really pull me in I have to gobble up that part of the story.  For me some of the things could have been left out and while reading those bits it takes me forever to get through, when I do get to the parts I love, I zoom through it, devouring every ounce like it won't be there tomorrow.  I'm so happy there's more of the alright woohoo parts then the oh my gosh not this again parts.  Over all I'm giving it a 4 our of 5. ^_^

Here's some cool artwork I found. 

Sarah Meadows

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